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  • Firing Boards

    ENERPRO Firing Boards employ proprietary digital LSI technology to deliver cost-effective and reliable high current “picket fence” gate pulses, soft-start circuitry, and voltage or current control of the delay angle. ENERPRO firing boards can be combined with optional auxiliary firing boards, regulator boards, and special purpose boards to provide a complete control package.

  • Auxilary Firing Boards

    Each ENERPRO auxiliary firing board provides the ability to drive six to twelve additional thyristors. You can also daisy-chain up to five auxiliary firing boards with a single Enerpro firing board. Auxiliary firing boards can be used with the FCRO-4100, FCOG-6100, FCOG-1200 and FCOVF-6100 models.

  • Regulator Boards

    ENERPRO’s CTRCT-1, CTRCT-2, ISOVLCL-2 and ISOVLCL-3 regulator boards are the perfect control package complement for ENERPRO firing boards. The product line includes stand-alone regulator boards and piggy-back, plug-in boards.

  • Snubber Boards

    Enerpro’s TSB family of snubber circuit boards provide high-quality RC snubber circuits in a convenient, connectorized, panel-mountable package. Models with one, two, three, and six circuits are available.

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