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Power electronics for every industry…


History & Markets

Formerly the Power Assembly Division of International Rectifier, Power Products International have been designing and manufacturing power rectifier, thyristor and latterly IGBT assemblies for over forty years. Our products are to be found in all high power applications requiring either some form of control and or rectification.

We have established revenue streams in traditional power semiconductor application areas, including rectification equipment for light rail systems, motor drives & controls, resistive load applications such as Electric  Heaters for the Oil & Gas processing industry, welding systems, and cathodic protection.

We are also active in newer technologies which require high power semiconductor control, such as renewable energy systems, LED lighting control and Hybrid Electric Vehicles.



As the UK’s leading manufacturer of single and three phase power rectifier assemblies and thyristor controllers, our design and manufacturing expertise is well proven, and our reputation as the “supplier of choice” for many users and designers is well established.

  • Design, manufacture, assembly and test of high power semiconductor assemblies.
  • Design & manufacture of air natural, forced air and liquid-cooled thermal management systems, extruded aluminium profiles.
  • Distribution of power semiconductors and accessories, PREMO Inductive components, and Kunze Thermal Management products.

Registered to ISO9001:2008 we operate an environmental policy working towards EN14001 and maintain compliance with WEEE and RoHS requirements for waste recycling and use of hazardous substances.


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