Thermo-silicone interface materials

Thermo- silicone films can be used as a more replicable alternative to using a combination of mica and thermal paste. Thermo-silicone has high resistance to heat, chemical stability and high dielectric strength.

Thermally conductive silicone-free films

Where chemical requirements do not allow the use of silicone, silicone-free films are available reinforced with fiberglass. These films are soft and flexible, compensating surface irregularities whilst providing good thermal conductivity and electrical insulation.

Thermo-silicone caps and tubes

Thermo-silicone caps and tubes are made of silicone filled with highly thermally conductive ceramics. The electric insulation around the components ensures optimum protection against electrical breakdown while at the same time reducing the total thermal resistance to the heat-sinking component.

Thermally conductive phase-change materials

Phase change material solutions reduce thermal interface resistance and improve the heat transfer between surfaces by expanding after exceeding a pre-determined temperature. Polyimide, silicone and aluminium films are available with phase-change coating.

High-performance thermally conductive soft-silicone films

Soft and highly thermally conductive, soft-silicone foils are a highly compliant and resistant material which can offer low vibration and stress damping. This solution is beneficial to applications in which the heat needs to be conducted longer distances.

Graphite films

Graphite interface materials are ideal for low profile heat spreading in lightweight applications. Made out of pure graphite, this solution is not electrically insulating. Naturally soft, they fit perfectly to contact surfaces without extensive pressure, hence expelling air pockets and greatly reducing the thermal contact resistance.

Transistor clips

POWERCLIP®, an engineered clip design providing an integrated heat management solution with optimum interaction of transistor clips, interface materials and heat sinks.

We provide the following POWERCLIP®s:

  • Finger Clips
  • Gull Wing Clips
  • Multiple Transistor Clips
  • Plastic Mounting Clips

Stamped heat sinks

Made from high quality aluminium in a stamping and bending process, these heat sinks are perfect for cooling all standard semiconductor casings. They come with mounting holes for screw connect or clamping with POWERCLIP®s. Various surface finishes are available.

Cooling plates

We supply a wide range of customised cooling plates and angled cooling plates which will accept POWERCLIP®s. AIMg3 is the most common material for these cooling pads, but other materials such as copper and brass may be used. Various finishes are also available.


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