Renewable energy sources

High power diode and thyristor assemblies for the world’s major manufacturers of wind turbines and solar energy harvesting systems.

Oil & Gas

Diode and thyristor assemblies for heating systems used to lower viscosity during oil processing, and for cathodic protection systems to extend the life of storage tanks, structures and pipelines.


Diode and thyristor assemblies for high power rectification equipment used to deliver power to 3rd rail and low voltage overhead cable rail traction systems, and assemblies for inverters for hybrid electric vehicles.

Standby & emergency power

Power semiconductors and assemblies for UPS systems and inverters for emergency lighting & standby power systems.

Industrial & HVAC

Thyristor controllers for HVAC systems. Other applications include resistance & electric beam welding, electro coating, and chlorination systems.

Motion control

Power semiconductors and assemblies supplied for DC motor drives, variable speed drives, actuation systems and motion controllers.

Case Studies

Liquid cooled plate for an electric battery system

The client enlisted our help to find the most cost effective liquid cooled plate design for an electric vehicle battery system. The cost target would rule out many of the most temperature efficient options…

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Liquid cooled plate for a remote power generation system

Power Products International investigated the most cost effective liquid cooled plate design for temperature control of a power converter in remote locations. With a requirement to dissipate nearly 5,000 watts, the design of the thermal management system would be a key factor in the success of the project…

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High Performance Fan Cooled Heat Sink

Power Products International were tasked to provide a highly efficient fan cooled heatsink to cool a customer’s power module producing 1kW of heat dissipation…

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