Including the SKRC range


We have applied our leading expertise in power electronic assemblies to effective transient suppression and produces our own design of snubber products as well as supplying the standard range from Semikron and MOV devices from Zenamics.

The SKRC440 SKRC440-2 and SKRC660 RC Snubber circuits manufactured by Semikron are for use at up to 500Amps RMS Load Current. These modules are designed primarily to limit the rate of rise of voltage spike which may exceed the Dv/Dt rating of the Thyristor (SCR). Download the SKRC data sheet.

Enerpro’s TSB family of snubber circuit boards provide high-quality RC snubber circuits in a convenient, connectorized, panel-mountable package. Models with one, two, three and six circuits are available. These boards provide the static power conversion industry with a rugged, reliable snubber product that reduces design time and minimizes inventory requirements. Download Enerpro snubber product guide.

Eaton’s Cooper Bussmann series

Critical circuit protection, power management and electrical safety products from Eaton’s revolutionary Bussmann series.

This series of products are approved for use around the world and meet agency requirements and international standards IEC, VDE, DIN, UL, CSA, BS and others.

Download the Bussman series:
Bussman catalogue of circuit protection
BS88 fuse links cross reference
High speed fuse links cross reference


We supply and use innovative products from Mersen, including:
  • Amp-Trap 2000®: the widely known and respected current-limiting fuse offering time-delay, improved safety and total system coverage
  • Protistor® fuses semiconductor protection
  • Limitor® high voltage fuse-links
  • Tri-Onic® current-limiting, time-delay fuses
  • The ground-breaking SmartSpot® open-fuse indicator technology
  • The new HelioProtection® solar power protection fuse line.

Download the Mersen catalogue of fuses and overcurrent protection here or get in touch for more information.


We offer a range of fuses from SIBA including:
  • Ultra-rapid fuses to protect power semiconductors
  • High voltage fuses to protect the high voltage supply network
  • Low voltage fuses for use with electricity supply networks, transformers and motor circuits.
  • Miniature fuses to provide protection for measuring equipment, sensor technology and machine controls.

Download the SIBA catalogue here
Or get in touch for more information.


The ZENAMIC Metal Oxide Varistor is a product of continued research into ceramic material composition.

Features include improved surge current handling and lower clamping voltages for better surge protection.

Download the Zenamic Varistor datasheet or get in touch for more information


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