IGBTs – fast switching - high current & high voltage

by MWilliams | 7 November 2016 | Latest News & Information

What is an Isolated Gate Bipolar Transistor?

Before the development of the IGBT, power electronics engineers had two types of device available for higher frequency switching – the Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT) and the Metal Oxide Field Effect Transistor (MOSFET). Both devices could switch at higher frequencies than Thyristors (or SCRs) but each had some

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CAB assembly

Advancing Liquid Cooled Plate Technologies

by MWilliams | 21 October 2016 | Latest News & Information

Higher power in smaller spaces

Ever increasing demands for higher power density solutions have driven designers of high power electronics equipment to seek more efficient and effective cooling systems. The requirement for large surface areas, where convection or forced air cooling is used, defines the space which will be taken up by the thermal management system.

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Thyristor Rectifier

Thyristor Controlled Rectifiers

by MWilliams | 5 September 2016 | Latest News & Information

Why use thyristors in high power rectifiers?

Power grid networks deliver electricity as AC (Alternating Current), but some key applications, such as electric vehicle battery charging and Light Rail transport systems, require DC (Direct Current) for economic and efficient operation. For example, standard Rail DC voltage systems operate across Europe, nominally at 600V, 750V, 1500V and

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Thyristor Controller

Thyristor control for AC heater systems

by MWilliams | 11 August 2016 | Latest News & Information

AC Heater Systems Control Requirements

Simple AC power systems are used widely in industrial heating applications. In order to provide a properly regulated temperature for the process in question, the supply of power to the heater element needs to be switched on and off to maintain a given temperature level, minimising peaks and troughs. At its

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Thermal Image of Heat Sink

What makes a good Heat Sink?

by MWilliams | 29 July 2016 | Latest News & Information

A heat sink is not just a reservoir for thermal losses

Most modern power electronics devices require controlled temperature environments, in order for them to function correctly. If the device overheats, the performance can be impacted, or in worst cases it fails and can become a safety hazard. The heat sink provides the pathway for heat

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New from MeccAl - Brazed Fin Technology Heat Sinks

by MWilliams | 22 June 2016 | Latest News & Information

Power Products International are now offering a new range of custom heat sink solutions from MeccAl. With ever increasing demand for high performance in forced air convection cooling systems, this addition to the MeccAl range gives greater flexibility on the selection of alloy and type of fin used in the thermal design. Assembled using controlled

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New DIN rail thyristor controllers for HVAC released by Power Products

by MWilliams | 6 January 2016 | Latest News & Information

The newly extended range of DIN rail mounted thyristor controllers from Power Products International are designed for controlling heater batteries and air duct heaters in HVAC systems, as well as other commercial & industrial resistive load applications such as electric furnaces.


These industry standard controllers are available in single-phase versions with outputs

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Thyristor Controllers Gain EMC Compliance

by AChettle | 13 November 2014 | Latest News & Information

Power Products International is pleased to announce that, following independent testing, the standard range of single and three phase thyristor controllers meet published standards for Immunity, Emissions and Harmonics.

It is believed the Power Products International is the first UK manufacturer to achieve compliance for the full range of power controllers.

For more information

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UL Approval for SKYPER IGBT Drivers

by AChettle | 13 August 2014 | Latest News & Information

Power Products International the UK Distributor of Semikron IGBT Drivers confirms all SKYPER drivers manufactured by SEMIKRON are now UL recognised under EUL508C.

Contact our sales office for the best price and delivery.

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Power Products International Launches YouTube Channel

by AChettle | 28 July 2014 | Latest News & Information

Power Products International the UKs leading privately owned manufacturer of power semiconductor assemblies, thyristor controllers and machined aluminium heatsinks is now showing selected videos, click on the logo and tell us what you think.

Click here to view our YouTube channel.

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