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Power Products International design, develop and manufacture a full range of thermal management products, from the most complex custom machined aluminium designs, to the simplest bar and box clamps for assembling high power semiconductors into rectification equipment. Please contact our technical sales team to discuss your requirement, or click on the links below to explore our product range in more detail.

  • Extruded Aluminium Heatsinks

    Efficient heatsinks are an essential component of any power semiconductor system and PPI have a wide range of extruded aluminium heatsinks available from stock. We can also provide heatsinks to customer designs subject to tooling charges and minimum volumes.

    Heatsinks can be supplied in natural, black-anodized or alochrome finishes.

  • Liquid Cooled Plates

    Liquid cooling is fast becoming the preferred solution to dissipate the high power of the latest generation IGBT modules. Power Products International has more than 20 years experience in the development of water cooled plates, taking special care to ensure the liquid flow is laminar thus avoiding bubbles and cavitations caused by sharp edges or poorly designed radii.

  • Machined Aluminium Heatsinks

    At Power Products International we operate 5 CNC drilling centres used purely to produce heatsinks machined and finished to customer specification. Regardless of the complexity of design our Hardware Design Engineers and CNC operators can turn your drawings and designs into finished products replicating the design and specification over and over again.

  • High Efficiency Heatsinks

    With an aspect ratio of up to 75: 1 for Profilmecc and 43:1 for Profilmecc Plus these heatsinks are of a monolithic structure that allows the engineer to design a completely customised solution from a standard base product. As with all aluminium heatsinks full machining, drilling and surface finishes are available.

  • High Performance Heatsinks

    Using a proprietary production and assembly process individual fins are assembled to comply with customers dimensional and thermal requirements to achieve a compact, reliable and highly efficient solution. In conjunction with forced air (fan) cooling this technology is ideal for medium and high power systems.

  • Semiconductor Accessories

    Power Products International offer bar and box clamps clamp for Hockey Puk or Capsule style high power thyristors and diodes requiring either double sided or single sided cooling. In addition to our standard range of bar we can design and manufacture to specific customer designs and applications. We also provide clip system heat sinks for mounting individual components.

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