TÜV SÜD Approval for Premo EMC Filters

Power Products International announce the availability of the Premo range of TÜV SÜD approved EMC Filters.
The DC series FEDC-600P, FEDCS-1500P-LL & FEDC-1500P-LL, and AC Rated EMC filters, series HCWMGF-1000HV-LL, HCWMGF-1300HV-LL & HCWMGF-1600HV-LL have been approved by TÜV SÜD as per EN 60939-2:2005 and EN 60939-1:2005 standards.

Premo FEDC filters have been specially designed for PV inverters. The FEDC series is a compact solution which allows EMC standards compliancy for entire PV system. The FEDC filter in PV installations helps to increase solar panel reliability, increase immunity in the inverter control phase, and avoid any electromagnetic interference malfunction.

The FEDC Series is available with ratings from 25Adc to 1500Adc, with terminals block up to 150 Adc and Bus-Bar with screw connections up to 1500Adc. Maximum operational voltage is 1200Vdc
Premos’ AC Three Phase EMC filter, the HCWMGF series, has been specifically designed for Windmill Inverters.
The HCWMGF-series is available in three phase version L1, L2, L3 (without neutral) from 150A to 2500A, with power losses less than 0.02%.

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