Titan 5G Highlights

AC-DC Power Supply & Battery Charger

Get the versatility you need to power your harsh environment applications

Announcing Horizon’s new Titan 5th Generation Family of AC-DC Power Supplies

The T5G power supply delivers leading edge technology and performance with one of the most compact footprints in the market for harsh environment naturally cooled power supplies. This feature rich power supply family offers solutions for most application requirements and sets the standard for power density, performance and versatility in extreme conditions.

Titan 5G

Powerful Performance. Effortless Flexibility. Simple Integration

With troubleshooting and data verification, industry leading broad power range in a compact, naturally cooled design, the T5G provides the versatility, communication and power you need.

Titan 5G Flexible

Titan 5G Performance

Titan 5G Ease of Use

Titan 5G Table

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