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When it comes to designing and manufacturing high power diode, thyristor and IGBT assemblies, Power Products International are the UK’s leading provider. We have well established partnerships with all major suppliers of power semiconductors and we carry a full range of extrusion profiles; making us able to handle all your requirements. Working with you on both single phase rectifier assemblies and three phase rectifier assemblies.

Single Phase Rectifier Assemblies

At Power Products International we offer a full range of single phase rectifier assemblies that are built with several combinations of thyristors, diodes and modules (power semiconductors) connected as single phase bridges mounted onto heat-sinks. As well as our standard range of rectifiers, we can also manufacture specific assemblies requested by our customers using power semiconductors provided by Powerex, Westcode, Ixys, Vishay and Semikron. Below are some of our most popular topologies, but get in touch with our support team for other requirements you may have.

Diode Full Wave – M2UK OR 1C1

Manufactured by PPI This full wave diode assembly can incorporate components from any of the major power semiconductor manufacturers. Typical numbering sequences are M2UK or 1C1.

Diode Bridge – B2U OR 1B1

This Diode bridge assembly known as B2U or 1B1 is manufactured by PPI and can include power semiconductors from our partners or from customer specified manufacturers.

Half Controlled – B2H2 OR 1BE1

Manufactured by PPI using a combination of Power Diodes and thyristors this half controlled bridge (B2HZ or 1BE1) can be built using customer specified power semiconductors or using PPI Standard components.

Positive Half Controlled – with or without free wheel diode

Recognised as B2HKF or 1BPK1 this positive half controlled power rectifier assembly is available with or without (B2HK or 1BP1) a free wheel diode. PPI can manufacture the rectifiers assembly using standard or customer specified power semiconductors.

Click here to see more of the most popular topologies.

Three Phase Rectifier Assemblies

A range of three phase rectifier assemblies are manufactured by the Power Products International team. Railways, Ground Power Units and Helicopter starters are just some of the applications that the three phase rectifier assemblies can be applied to. The three phase rectifier assemblies are built using combinations of power semiconductors (thyristors, diodes and modules) – manufactured by Techsem, Vishay, Dynex and more.

Here are some examples of the different and most common topologies:

Hexa-Phase Thyristor – M6CK OR 1UG1

Manufactured by Power Products International this hexa-phase thyristor unit is designed to customer specification.

Hexa-Phase Diode – M6UK OR 1U1

Manufactured by Power Products International using power semiconductors from our partners this hexa-phase diode assembly is designed and produced according to customer specifications.

Three Phase Thyristor Regulator – WC3 OR 1RG1

Manufactured by Power Products International this three phase thyristor regulator is designed to meet customer and application requirements.

Negative Half Controlled – with or without free wheel diode

Available either with or without a free wheel diode this negative half controlled power rectifier assembly manufactured by Power Products International is available with either standard or custom options.

Click here to see the full list of the most common topologies requested by our customer-base and for more specific or custom requirements get in touch with our customer support team.

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