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The power semiconductor industry is facing new challenges produced by the new generation of power systems for rail equipment and solar panels. A variety of new semiconductor product groups such as; Silicon Carbide, Gallium Nitride and Silicon based IGBTs will soon take the lead in several markets. Regardless of which of the new technologies becomes the most popular; thermal management will remain a vital part of any system design. Because of this, Power Products International will be about to provide a complete solution.

Liquid Cooled Plates and Heat Sinks With High Efficiency

Because of our association and partnership with MeccAI we can provide; the design, simulation and prototyping equipment evaluation from start to production. In addition to this; because of our access to the latest technologies for LCP and heat sink design, we can offer a configuration that best suits the situation for any given application. Our custom machining and tube layout makes it possible for us to focus the thermal transfer onto the key areas across the semiconductor devices, making sure that the system operates within the necessary temperature restrictions.

IGBT, MOSFET Assemblies, Diode and Thyristors

It is essential for this industry to have the necessary skill to make sure the devices are correctly positioned, with the correct thermal interface material included between the heat sink and the component, as well as using the right level of pressure to maintain the devices at their optimum operation. A “plug & play” sub-assembly for the equipment designer can be produced by including snubber fuses and circuits, control connections and bus bars. At Power Products International, we have many years of experience under our belts dealing with power semiconductors and control assembles, including the latest MOSFET & IGBT products and some of the more traditional thyristor and diode modules.

Thyristor assembly

Rectifiers and Fully Controlled AC Power

Our years of experience in traditional technologies enables us to be prepared for the next generation of high power technology. Power Products International are able to offer a huge range of solutions for AC resistive load applications, including electro-chlorination, battery heater systems and electric welding. Also including the single blocking diode assembles to hexaphase thyristor controlled systems. With the recent addition of Caledon Controls to our list of franchised partners, Power Products have significantly enhanced their product offering for Power Semiconductor Assemblies. Serving the Standby Power & UPS markets, we offer a standardised range of static switch inverters and rectifiers from 100A to 2000A, from 110V single phase to 440V and 690V 3 phase configurations.

Moving To The Next Generation

Our mission is to help our clients, new and old, to develop robust, efficient and industry standard compliant solutions for their future products in key markets – renewable energy, rail traction, and electric vehicles. Contact us on email or call us on 01732 866424 to discuss your next generation requirements.

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