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We’re very excited to announce our involvement at the UK’s first national event dedicated to the advancements in power electronics. The Power Electronics Expo UK will be running on the 15th of March 2018 in the International Centre and we will be holding our own exhibition.

As a company we’ve developed from the power assembly division of International Rectifier, over the past 40 years Power Products have been designing and constructing power rectifier, thyristor and IGBT assemblies. Providing a range of high performance power semiconductor systems with the latest in thermal management technology. We now operate in several markets including; renewable energy, water treatment, electric vehicles and high power electronics. From single module rectifier products to high efficiency thermal solutions, Power Products International offers a range of fully controlled systems for almost any high power electronics applications and situations.

Being the UK’s leading producer of single and three phase power rectifier and thyristor controllers, our team of experts have a proven reputation in design and manufacturing and we’re considered the “supplier of choice” for many of our users. We are also partnered with MeccAI, ensuring the level of quality, design and prototype evaluation.

At Power Products International we’re always looking forward to the future and what new advancements in technology will emerge. This is one of the reason why we’re looking forward to the new Power Electronics Expo; discovering some of the latest developments in the industry.

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