Power Products add Standard Range of Thyristor Control Products

Power Products International have entered into a partnership with Caledon Controls to offer a standard range of thyristor control products.

The range includes trigger modules, standalone thyristor controllers and integrated thyristor driver boards. Under the agreement, Power Products will be able to provide customers thyristor assemblies complete with trigger circuits or thyristor driver boards.

Recently released are the three phase thyristor drivers (RLS Series), which offer 200V to 690V operation, user selectable firing modes, and a number of control signal options. These are designed for the control of AC heating loads in ether burst fire, single cycle burst fire, or phase angle control modes. The high current drive pulses are suitable for use with thyristor stacks having a rated current of up to 1000A and beyond.

The RLS range includes 2 leg, 3 leg and combined 2/3 leg versions. The load may be either 3-wire star or delta, or 4-wire star connected with 3 leg control. All types have modes suitable for the control of transformer-coupled loads.

Further product information is available on request from our technical sales team:  info@powerproducts-uk.ltd

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