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The next generation of power systems for Electric Vehicles, Solar Power & Rail equipment are defining new challenges for the power semiconductor industry. A host of current and emerging semiconductor product groups are lining up to take the lead in the various markets – Silicon based IGBTs, MOSFETs, Superjunction MOSFETS, Silicon Carbide (SiC) or Gallium Nitride (GaN) Wide Band Gap devices, but whichever technology is preferred, thermal management will still be a key factor in the overall system design. This is base from which Power Products can provide a complete solution.

High Efficiency Heat Sinks & Liquid Cooled Plates

With access to the latest technologies for heat sink & LCP design, Power Products can offer the most efficient configuration for a given application. From simple extrusions to complex assembled heat sinks, our bespoke machining and tube layout capability allows us to focus thermal transfer on the key areas around the semiconductor devices, in turn ensuring the system operates within required temperature limits. With the assistance of technology partner MeccAl s.r.l. we can define the design, provide simulation & prototyping for evaluation in the client’s equipment with seamless transfer from concept to production in low and high volumes.

High Efficiency Heat Sink

Diode, Thyristor, IGBT & MOSFET Assemblies

Power Products have long experience of placing power semiconductors into power rectification and control assemblies. From traditional discrete diodes & thyristors, to diode / thyristor modules and the latest IGBT & MOSFET products, there is a skill involved in ensuring the devices are correctly positioned, with the right amount and type of thermal interface material applied between the component and the surface of the heat sink, at the same time using the correct pressure to secure the devices in their optimum operational state. Adding bus bars, control connections and protection components including snubber circuits and fuses, provides a “plug & play” sub-assembly for the equipment designer.

Thyristor assembly

High Power Thyristor Controlled Rectifiers & Fully Controlled AC Power

Serving the Standby Power & UPS markets, we offer a standardised range of static switch inverters and rectifiers from 100A to 2000A, from 110V single phase to 440V and 690V 3 phase configurations. With the recent addition of Caledon Controls to our list of franchised partners, Power Products have significantly enhanced their product offering for Power Semiconductor Assemblies. From single blocking diode assemblies to multiple hexaphase thyristor controlled systems, and current ratings up to 10,000A, we are able to offer the widest range of solutions for ac resistive load applications, including cathodic protection, battery heater systems, electro-chlorination & electric welding. Our experience in these areas follows us into the next generation of high power technologies.

Thyristor Controlled Rectifier

Moving To The Next Generation

Our mission is to help our clients, new and old, to develop robust, efficient and industry standard compliant solutions for their future products in key markets – renewable energy, rail traction, and electric vehicles. Contact us on email or call us on 01732 866424 to discuss your next generation requirements.

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