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The new TEU series is a 630KW three phase reactor built in an open frame, suitable for filtering, or adjusting line impedance in AC/DC drives or inverters for Renewable energies.

Its simple and robust connection to aluminium bus bars makes installation easy and quick. Inductance is as high as 150uH per phase storing up to 75J in of magnetic energy per shift. A maximum operating voltage of 500V allows its use in most standard low and medium voltage utility networks as well as interfacing most standards inverters and drives.

A product fully manufactured in Europe with high quality ultra thin grain oriented silicon steel laminations designed for AF cooling and meeting EN60310 and EN 50124.

Power Electronics is continuously demanding higher currents in wound components. Premo enlarges its portfolio of inductive components for Power Electronics by a full deployment of a new Catalogue to be launched this year, including single and three phase, transformers and reactors, current sensors and filters for currents as high as 2000 Amps.

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