HCT Series Hall Effect current sensors from stock.

The Electronics Industry is currently suffering from raw material shortages and allocations. Some critical components such as Hall Effect sensors and technical plastics like LCP continue to be on allocation leading to some manufacturers quoting lead-times of up to 30 weeks.  Current sensors are critical components and difficult to replace with form and fit equivalents. Premo is supporting its’ Power Electronics customers with a broad supply of current sensors on short lead times, competitive prices and pin for  pin compatible products from the HCT family.

Premo has been investing in the development of current sensors for seven years, including the patented high precision DCT series and maintained this programme during the recent recession.

With a purpose built dedicated factory, raw material inventory, in house tools and moulds Premo offer probably the shortest lead times in the industry.

See full range of Hall-Effect current sensors.

Off-the-shelf current sensors include:

  • HCT-100BP2  • HCT-200BP2 • HCT-600BP1 • HCT-600BP2
  • HCT-100BP5  • HCT-200BP1•  HCT-100N • HCT-100LP • HCT-200LP
  • HCT-300LT • HCT-100BP1 • HCT-50BP5 • HCT-50AP • HCT-10PX5
  • HCT-25A05 • HCT-35A05 • HCT-30PX5

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