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With Horizon Electronics Ltd

At Power Products International we offer two main harsh environment power supplies and a harsh environment inverter. In association with our partner Horizon Electronics, we provide; the Titan 3G series IP68 Rated, the Titan 4G series IP66 Rated and the Inverter 4G series IP66 Rated.

Since 1970, Horizon Electronics has been a leading designer and manufacturer of power supply systems, converters and inverters, specialised in harsh environmental, industrial, civil and defence. Horizon offers both standard and custom solutions, ranging from light customisation up to fully customised products. The company brings to its customers high-quality, innovative products, and cost-effective solutions.

The Titan 4G Series IP66

The Titan 4G power system series is designed and improved to be hard-wearing, shock-resistant and more than capable in any harsh environment. It sits in a water-resistant housing unit (IP66), has a high-performance rate and is extremely reliable (especially in the extreme). The Titan 4G is a great option for a power source to use in several situations; outside, in vehicles and in naval and field situations.

The Titan 3G Series

The Titan 3G power system is similar to the Titan 4G system in its ruggedized build quality and ability to tackle harsh environments, it also boosts of its power performance, effortless flexibility and 500 standard options. The standard Titan 3G product can be tailored to meet a considerable number of specific project requirements.

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