We provide custom solutions using robust controlled atmosphere brazing processes to optimise localised cooling around heat sources

The diffused channel design of our CAB liquid cooled plates allows cooling directly under the heat sources, providing compact and dense thermal distribution and heat transfer.

Controlled atmosphere brazing liquid cooled plates are available with standard or customized fittings for liquid I/O.

CAB Brazing Liquid Cold Plate

  • Strong metal joint created by brazing of metals
  • Aluminium alloy suitable from AL EN AW1xxx,3xxx,6xxx
  • Design & dimensions flexibility to application requirements
  • Cooling possible directly under heat source
  • Compact and dense therm. distribution and heat transfer
  • Liquid channel design optional with turbulators
  • Standard or customized fittings for liquid I/O
  • Suitable with electr. non-isolated fluids
  • Fitting for almost every application fields
  • Designs and solutions developed from our internal R&D
  • Short lead time incl. flexible production capacities
  • Multiple cooling layers available

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