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Power Products offer a range of standard thyristor firing and control products, including three phase controllers, trigger modules and configurable 2 leg and 3 leg thyristor drivers. These products offer control and firing solutions for single cycle  and standard burst fire modes, zero crossing and phase angle control.

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  • RLS Series – Three Phase Thyristor Drivers

    2 leg, 3 leg or  2/3 leg control variants
    200V – 900V RMS operation
    User defined firing modes
    Incorporates control function with 2 or 3 trigger circuits
    Burst Fire or Phase Angle Control


  • CB17-2-CN76  – 3 Phase Thyristor Controller

    Panel or DIN Rail Variants
    Universal Power Supply
    2 Leg or 3 Leg Control
    Single Cycle or Standard Burst Fire modes
    Potentiometer for Manual Control

  • CB18-2-CN76 – Thyristor Trigger Module

    For AC Resistive Loads
    Firing back-to-back Thyristor pairs
    Zero Voltage switch on
    480V & 690V Systems
    For use with Single Cycle Controllers

  • LSC2A-CN76 Multi-stage Load Sequencing Controller

    Minimise Supply voltage switching disturbance
    Up to 6 Stages in one unit
    Up to 11 stages with slave unit
    Burst Fire and Single Cycle Control

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