Power Semiconductor Assemblies

240x160 3 Phase B 240x160 Rectifier Stack A ASSY1

Power electronics for every industry…

Power Products International are the leading independent UK designer and manufacturer of high power diode / thyristor and IGBT assemblies. We carry a full range of extrusion profiles and have established partnerships with all major power semiconductor suppliers. Contact our Applications Team to discuss your requirements

  • Single Phase Rectifier Assemblies

    Power Products International offers a complete a range of single phase rectifier assemblies built using combinations of power semiconductors (thyristors, diodes and or modules) mounted onto heat-sinks and connected as single phase bridges. In addition to our standard range of rectifier assemblies we also manufacture customer specified assemblies using power semiconductors from Semikron, Vishay, Ixys, Westcode and Powerex.

  • Three Phase Rectifier Assemblies

    Power Products International manufactures a range of three phase rectifier assemblies. Built using combinations of power thyristors, diodes and or modules manufactured by Semikron, Vishay, Ixys, Dynex, Techsem and Westcode. Typical applications include Cathodic Protection, Motor Control, Railway, HVAC, Ground Power Units, Helicopter Starters and other power control applications.

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