High Performance Heatsinks MeccAl

High performance heat sinks from our partner MeccAl, born from the continuous and growing need to achieve higher thermal performances, and obtained by assembling the single fins mechanically, welding two or more extrusions together, or bonding fins to a heat plate using high thermal conductivity epoxy. These offer high dimensional flexibility together with the robust mechanical characteristics of extruded heat sinks. Applications are usually for high power dissipation in forced air convection systems.

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  • PA Series – High Performance Heatsinks

    Designed for forced convection applications, and obtained by assembling multiple single fins mechanically, the high performance heat sinks offers high dimensional flexibility together with the robust mechanical characteristics of extruded heat sinks.

  • P Series – Welded Fin Heatsinks

    To obtain wider profiles than the ones achievable from the extrusion process, it is possible to join together two or more extrusions, using already bevelled profiles for a more efficient welding operation, with processes to avoid adding unnecessary material during the welding process.

  • NEW!    PBS / PBH series Brazed Fin Heatsinks

    A range of custom air cooled heat sink designs using controlled atmosphere brazing technology with solid or hollow fin profiles of different alloys depending on the requirements of the project. Optimised high performance solutions for forced air cooling without the constraints typical of extruded  profiles.

  • Profilmecc & ProfilmeccPlus

    Totally custom made these products redefine dimensional limits. The Profilmecc options are for either custom press fit fins, or monolithic design offering decrease in thermal resistance of up to 7% compared to the best performing competitor products.


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